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How to handle a file with §#§ delimiter in data loading file activity ACC


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Hi Everyone,


I have a requirement for data import flows where in the import files are delimited with §#§ delimiter.

Sample as below







When i select consider consecutive delimiters as one i am getting this error.


fileImport3 WKF-560234 Allowing arbitrary command for pre-processing is a security concern, disable security option ('XtkSecurity_Disable_Preproc') to force the use of a predefined list of commands.


Can any one please help to resolve this is issue 

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Adobe Campaign     19.1.1-9026   Release Notes


Security enhancements

  • For security reasons, you can no longer insert arbitrary commands when using the Pre-process the file option in a Data loading (file) workflow activity. A drop-down list is now available allowing you to select from 3 options: None, Decompression (zcat) or Decrypt (gpg). The XtkSecurity_Disable_Preproc security flag has been added. For new customers, this option will be set to 0. For existing customers, this option will be set to 1 by the postupgrade in order to keep the previous behavior. Refer to this section.




Set command to none and change XtkSecurity_Disable_Preproc in platform options from the current value to the opposite (0 or 1) if the option doesnt exist, then create it and set it to 0


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Hi @david--garcia 


Thanks for your reply but i am not using "pre-process the file" instead i am using "Upload the file from the local machine". but still i am getting this error.


Thanks and Regards,



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Can you post the error, however, still check the option XtkSecurity_Disable_Preproc and set the value to 0



Hi @Murali_TCS,

Were you able to resolve this query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa