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How to create Approval step for Query populations?


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Hello, we have a workflow that initiates using 5 queries. Downstream we have an Approval activity set up to email the marketing team to approve the specific values prior to splitting off in to channels.


I need to create a separate "approval" step for the team running this workflow to QA the population from each query and verify both the table and effective date. What would be the best way to do this, while also pausing the workflow until that team has approved the populations from the queries?


If this cannot be answered without a screenshot, I will attempt to get on this site from business network. We are locked down pretty tight!


Thanks, Jordan

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Add an approval activity at each place in the workflow where an approval is required.





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@Jonathon_wodnicki, Hi Jonathan, actually I'm trying to figure out what function/code to use in that activity to display the Data Schema, Effective date I selected, and the population. You know who I am right? Barclays?