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Has anyone had done the social media integration recently?


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Hi everybody,


Recently, I have tried to integrate the social media to Adobe campaign classic, I followed the documentation but it seems is outdated because facebook change their policies about their apps, has anyone had done the integration recently? or do you have information to be able to do this process?






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Describe the issues you are facing, provide your build, and deployment type (on-premise, fully hosted, hybrid), provide the link to documentation.


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Hi @David__Garcia ,


I followed the instructions in the next link https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/integrating-with-social-media/configu... , so when I tried to add a platform, the facebook web game option  doesn't appear(image 1), I tried to skip that step but when I tried to add de facebook login product doesn't appear(image 2), I read this year facebook changed his policies apps and the method to connect with facebook is different, so I'm looking for new information how to integrate Adobe with facebook, but I haven't luck.


image 1

Image 1Image 1


Image 2


Image 2Image 2


I appreciate if you could help me with that.



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My deployment type is fully hosted.


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