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Generate Tracking URL in Workflow per user.


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I'm trying to generate tracking url for a customized delivery to track recipient activity. The OOTB would automatically convert the urls inside an Email/SMS delivery, However we would like to generate a tracking during workflow execution and enrich it with all the records. 


Any inputs on this? 


I saw in Tracking Url Generation we would be using message.id,  tracking id, url identifier to generate a url.

So is there a way to identify these three before delivery execution? and create a tracking url?


Please help me with your inputs.





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Hello @krishnakanthpat ,

what is the reason to create tracking during the workflow execution? I do not see a reason why you are not able to generate tracking urls in the delivery it self. You can take a look at the following

Preprocessing instructions
You can create dynamic link on fly with custom tracking parameters
Save custom created links to personalization block 
if the preprocessing is too much, you can pre create personalization block with hardcoded but dynamically created urls with custom params (defined in the target data or anywhere) that you want to add and then reference this personalization block in the delivery template, which will automatically recocgnize the dynamic but hardcoded links created before.



I am not aware of identifying delivery.id, message.id, tracking.id before delivery is exectuted or tracking event is captured

Take a look at the option tracking formula in options NmsTracking_ formula to add any additional parameters to all links in the delivery. (like google utm parameters, or adobe dtm parameters or any other information like campaign name etc.)





Marcel Szimonisz

MarTech Consultant
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Hi @Marcel_Szimonisz ,

Thank you for the inputs. As I mentioned in my question. It's a customized delivery. The template uses SMS Editor. I was not involved in the template implementation. I'm trying to tracking the the URLs clicked in this customized template. 






Hi @krishnakanthpat,

Were you able to find a way to do this or do you still need help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa

Hi @Sukrity_Wadhwa ,

It would be helpful if you can provide any documentation of reference to do this.