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FDA connection to Mysql database


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Hello Team,


We have a hybrid instance of Adobe campaign classic v7. The marketing instance is set up within our datacenter. For one of new use case we are trying to insert / update some data from adobe campaign to a Mysql db through FDA connection. We set up the following and validated.

#1. External account set for FDA connection to Mysql db. - tested and validated that the connection is successful.

#2. The user account used for the connection is a mysql db user (not a RHEL OS user with permission to unix file system on the db server) with permission to read / write / delete data in the table to which we want update data from adobe campaign.


When we tried to perform a simple update activity, the workflow fails with logs stating that LOCAL DATA LOCAL INFILE could not be executed.


writer2 WDB-200001 SQL statement 'LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/tmp/mysql_bulk_pipe_21052_21052' INTO TABLE wkf9973818_100_1 CHARACTER SET latin1 (list of columns)' could not be executed.


Does this mean that there needs to be a ftp connection from adobe campaign server to the db server. 

and the user has to also have a write access to /tmp folder on the db server.


Please advise.

Thank you.


Mahalingam P

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