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Facing "Invalid object name" Error in Email Delivery


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Hi ,

I am facing the below error repeatedly while running email delivery.

08/05/2022 8:49:23 PM LL Src_W0 ON (Ext_W0.sValid_Email=Src_W0.sValid_Email)' could not be executed.
08/05/2022 8:49:23 PM N,Ext_W0.sValid_Email,Ext_W0.sLOB,Ext_W0.sName,Ext_W0.tsLoad,Ext_W0.sMOBILENO,Ext_W0.sPRIMARY_LOB,Ext_W0.sFULL_NAME,Ext_W0.sEMAILID,Ext_W0.sCITY,Ext_W0.sCII,Ext_W0.sLoadt,Src_W0.iTargetDataId FROM wkf451848699_349_1 Ext_W0 INNER JOIN wkf451848699_357_1_A
08/05/2022 8:49:23 PM WDB-200001 SQL statement 'INSERT INTO wkf451848699_357_2_ALL(iId,iBlackList,iId1,sCIIN,sValid_Email,sLOB,sName,tsLoad,sMOBILENO,sPRIMARY_LOB,sFULL_NAME,sEMAILID,sCITY,sCII,sLoadt,iTargetDataId ) SELECT Ext_W0.iId,Ext_W0.iBlackList,Ext_W0.iId1,Ext_W0.sCII
08/05/2022 8:49:23 PM ODB-240000 ODBC error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'wkf451848699_349_1'. SQLState: S0002

Please help us understand the issue and provide us with a resolution.

Console: v7

Build Version: 9032


Thanks & Regards,

Neelam B.

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Hi Neelam,


Did the delivery was copied from some other workflow?

Have you tried creating the workflow from scratch and checking if the error appears?