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Delivery failure on custom channel


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We have been trying to setup a custom channel (merged push notifications for iOS and Android) within ACC but encounter a failure in delivery logs on delivery execution like below.



So far we have not been able to pin down what is causing this failure. Anyone experienced something similar or that have some input?

The setup in short:

  • Custom 'Push' delivery channel added
  • Delivery input form customized for 'Push' channel
  • Custom Routing created and connector using call to javascript OOTB androidPushConnectorV2.js, for testing. The idea is to add the iOS later (for your knowledge the Android and iOS connectors are working for the standalone channels with our mobile app) 
  • Tried adding logging to connector JS and even tried removing all connector code (empty JS) and still only the above failure is visible in the logs. Which makes me quite certain that the problem is not in the connector for this particular issue.

Thank you in advance,





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