Creating Custom seed address for custom schema




I have created a custom schema. consider as abc:sampleSchema with following attribute.

<element desc="sampleSchema" label="sampleSchema" labelSingular="sampleSchema"

           name="sampleSchema" autopk="true">


           <attribute name="name" label="name" type="string"/>

           <attribute name="date" label="date" type="date"/>

           <attribute name="city" label="city" type="string"/>

           <attribute name="age" label="age" type="long"/>



Now, How to create custom seed address for this? in default it's showing recipient seed address. But i want my schema attribute in seed address. How to create it?

I have created target mapping. I have extended nms:seedAddress. Then what should i need to do?

Kindly help me with this!

Thanks and regards,


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