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Configuration for sending email to agents informing them about leads generated


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Hi Team,


A communication needs to be sent on agent's email ID informing the details about the leads assigned to him. 

We have 2 tables - adviser ( in which agent's email ID, agent code etc is stored ) and leads ( where leads information along with agent code is stored).

For a scenario an agent can have multiple leads generated against him. There can be any number of leads against a single agent and we want the information of leads to be sent either in a tabular form or via webapp or landing page ( link that can be passed in HTML).


As of now we have implemented this solution via defining a 1:N link between both the tables and defined 19 columns to accommodate the info of 19 leads.

But since any number of leads can be present against a single agent, we are looking for a dynamic approach to accommodate the requirement via which we need not to manually define these 19 columns.



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HI @soul_98 

I think your best approach would be to have a landing page where you would show the leads associated to an agent and you wills end an email  to agents with a link to the landing page... I suppose you have created  Target Mapping for Agent or are you using Operator and Alert activity?




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Hi Denis,


Thanks for your suggestion. We are planning to create a target mapping for agent. Could you please elaborate the process of accommodating the dynamic table in the landing page ?




Hi @Denis_Bozonnet,

Could you please help @soul_98 further with their query?


Sukrity Wadhwa