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[Campaign Classic v7] Code control and DevOps in Adobe Campaign Classic


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Hi folks!


I would like to know if anyone out there is using code control / DevOps to manage development and delivery in Adobe Campaign Classic v7?

At the moment, we use Jira for tracking work items but ultimately end up with XML packages on secure file shares with "release notes" as the mechanisms to manage delivery through our route to live.

I'm looking to re-risk and automate this process, hopefully using Azure DevOps. I'm imagining a world where tickets from through my delivery Kanban, and end up with packages automatically being deployed from Dev through Stage to Production as the tickets move through the process, all with tagged, audited code in a Git code repository.


I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback, especially if this is something you've done or are doing!



Oli (MarTech Product Owner, Specsavers Optical Group)

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Hello @IainOllerenshaw ,

push changes to git is on my list long time. And I would do that by exporting any objects as package to filesystem either on demand or every hour, then push it to git. All this can be done via technical workflow using JS activities.


Also all of this can be integrated with Jira API to accommodate any business process.



Marcel Szimonisz

MarTech Consultant
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