Are there any out of the box or online email building solutions that link with Adobe campaign like Mailchimp etc




We have a team of people who are all on Macs, currently we are handcoding emails and emailing them to the crm team who then upload our code to Campaign. I wondered if there was any email generator software that could link to campaign through some sort of API so once built we could push the code through.


Any help greatly appreciated! We are producing over 50 emails a week and need to make the process more efficient. Tech say we are not allowed to install parallels/ bootcamp etc.

Thanks in advance...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @andrewm_asw - If you already actively use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) in your organisation I would recommend that, but I wouldn't recommend buying AEM just to do Campaign templates. Its very expensive to license, set up and maintain. There is also Dreamweaver, which might be worth a look, but still requires you to hand code things like responsive design.

There are a lots of email design tools out there, but one good one is Dokio. Its a tool for templating your email designs and is customisable to your brand, so your email designers don't need to hand code everything over and over. The output is also fully responsive so works on mobile out of the box, should also be fully W3C compliant. It outputs using a bunch of methods (local assets, hosted assets, etc) but basic API integration is in the works. It also has an approval workflow if your organisation uses that.

Cheers Darren