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Adobe Campaign usage statistics report


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Hi Team, 


Just got a bit of a statistical question please. I have a business requirement which I am working on improving costs based on usage. 


Has anyone come across a report or build a report within adobe campaign which shows the following:

1. Number of SMS sent out

2. Number of Emails sent out 

3. Number of Push sent out 

4. Number of sends based on other channels

5 . All can be filtered by time frame

I have tried using some of the out of box reports however they show stats but not by time frame or channel.

I think this would be some interesting stats, happy for anyone to reach out or share some insight on how to build out this report.


Any support would be much appreciated.

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Hi @Kishore_Reddy ,


Thanks for the reply had a quick look this is where I have been playing around with the reporting side, do you know if it is possible to add channel to the delivery throughput report and how I could go about doing that. 


That throughput report is something which has peaked my interest in regards to overlaying the different channels over a period of time we normally campaign with multi channel i.e. email + SMS or push would be good to see the overlay performance of when all go out 



Hi @Kishore_Reddy

Could you please help @NayanMistry further with their query?


Sukrity Wadhwa