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Adobe Campaign Classic unsubscription webApp unable to set utf-8 charset


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Hi Team,

we are unable to set Adobe campaign classic unsubscription webApp charset to utf-8 and special chars are displaying as junk chars. 


We are facing the end page activity of the Unsubscription webApp.


Any suggestions would be helpful.




#adobecampaignclassic #webapps

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Hello @kotisyamala 


You will have to replace the special characters with the HTML code.

For eg & can be replaced with &

Similarly you will to identify the HTML replacement of your characters.

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Hello @kotisyamala ,

can you also make sure the page code you are adding is in utf-8?

Also it happened to me in some version (not happening on 9282) that if you use page activity where you can paste your own code.. and use a lot of JavaScript somehow when you reopen the page and save it it will scramble your entire code. So it only works when you open page paste your code that is UTF-8 and save it.


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Thanks for your quick response @Marcel_Szimonisz @_Manoj_Kumar_ 

We are reading the data from the custom schema and displaying it on the page


On JS we are querying xtk.queryDef.create() and the response we are diaplying on the page <%=ctx.customSchemaFields.@content%>


JS Activity (reads content value sets to ctx.customSchemaFields) -- > Page displays Fine <%=ctx.customSchemaFields.@content%> --> End page but dispalys junk values <%=ctx.customSchemaFields.@content%>


but still, it renders as junk chars © 2022 instead of © 2022



Hi @kotisyamala,

Were you able to resolve this query or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.


Sukrity Wadhwa