ACC: Inbound Replies on the Extended SMPP Connector



I am looking for a way to setup conditional replies on the "Automated Reply" feature available on the extended connector to no avail so far.

My Scenario.

KeywordShortcodeAnswerAdditional Action
Lorem1234Hello LoremBlacklist
Ipsum1234Hello IpsumBlacklist

I want to setup a reply and action for any keywords not matched, ie. "Sorry we didn't understand your request, please send a valid keyword"

I don't see anyway to do it with the OOTB feature in the extended SMPP connector, I have a related question on here ACC: Inbound SMS Activity

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





I think that activity requires all actions to be scripted out, which defeats the purpose of using a workflow and really its existence as a workflow activity. Instead here just instead poll nms:inSMS for new messages, either with scheduler + query + split or an advanced js activity with sleep and transitions, using an xtk:option to track position in the table. Transitions would go to update activities and continuous deliveries, etc, depending on desired actions.



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