AC7 tracking issue



Hi team,


We are using on-premise ACC and we are using a frontal server for tracking and webform. And client want to track cta of url in each messages.



So when we send a message such as LMS channel, we turn on tracking mode. Because of this, all url have been changed to personalized url(or redir url?), email channel can be tracked all cta.


But in LMS case, when we click the url, server can't find target URL and in webmdl.log of frontal server, I can see below log.


1.tracking url :,980fe,ab5


2. Browser message : Requested URL '/r/?id=f1839a,980fe,ab5' cannot be founded.


3. Error log : RED-520003 parameter 'id' is invalid for URl '/r/?


In the frontal server, xml files for redir are located correctly. Nevertheless LMS channel can not be tracked.


Have you ever been any experience related to this? Or please let me know how can I solve this problem.



Best Regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)






Assuming you're not redacting the error message, something is stripping the query string from the url there.

Check if there are any reverse proxies intercepting requests and altering them.




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