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A/B Testing - Adobe Professional Services Module Adobe Campaign Classic


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Hello Adobe Campaign Classic Users! I have a question regarding the Adobe Professional Services A/B testing Module for Classic.

Is the winning email sent out automatically after the 24 hour period? In the module there is a space to put the two test audiences but where do I put the information about the winning delivery? Does the winning delivery get sent out automatically?


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Employee Advisor

Hi Rachel,

I would recommend checking out the documentation below:

A/B testing

That said to your questions:

1) Depending on how your workflow is configured and any schedulers or approvals in place when the delivery is sent out.

2) The winning delivery is selected by the Method in your screenshot.  In this case open rate.  So the winning delivery will then be used as the final delivery.  What information are you looking to add?

3) Again it depends on if there are any approvals.  Typically yes the delivery will be sent out automatically though.


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Hi Craig,

Thank you for the response!

I am not looking to add anything specifically - it will be a straight forward workflow of a list of recipients. 10% going to each testing delivery and the remaining 80% getting the winning delivery. My question was more to do with the Adobe Professional Services A/B testing module than anything else. I just need to know if the module sends the winning delivery automatically.