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Work on Offline Data


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Right now adobe client console does an api call to list all the data like data schemas, campaigns, deliveries and input forms.

Most of the adobe campaign server are secured to have access via VPN and many time we get error and slow response resulting in crashing.


I think it will be great If there is an option for work on Offline data. Where we can browse the campaigns make the changes and then sync the data with the server.


I know the downside of doing this will be to sync the 2 different versions of the same campaigns and the offline data cache size.


But It will be really great from use-ability perspective.


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From my point of view this is too complex:

Adobe client console is already using cache for most of the objects that are not changing too oftenly (forms as example) in the same way as a internet browser cache

But what you are requiring is far beyond that point: how do you handle multiple updates on the same objects? It can be updates from your colleagues... Updates from ACC ootb processes (updating the counters of a delivery, broadlogs, etc)... Updates from specific technical workflows (aggregates custom fields on recipients for examples)


unfortunately the best way for that is to enhance network and DB performances:

example perhaps that Adobe Campaign server is hosted in a too far location... If that's the case and that the major part of your users are located in the same place and have the same issue, ask to change the hosted instance on a different location

I know "easy to say hard to put in place"... But unfortunately caching on client side a huge amount of data is hard... And this is also near "impossible" when it comes to a system like Adobe Campaign with a high volume of transactions (insert/update/delete) regarding those data