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Description - I'd like to be able to leave notes or descriptions on workflow canvases, perhaps an extra tab space on all activities to write notes for marketers? and then change the activity with an icon on the corner which shows notes are inside, perhaps even bring up a popup showing the notes or summary on highlight of the activity Icon. Also allow to add notes on canvases, see examples below.



Current Behaviour - non

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Hi @david--garcia,


A suggestion/work around for your requested Idea was made in one of our Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Breaks that happened on 2nd September, 2021 at 12pm IST with Shweta Ram a.k.a @shwetar, Senior Solutions Consultant for Adobe Campaign. 


You can check the suggestion here: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-campaign-classic/adobe-campaign-community-q-a... 


Feel free to reach out to Shweta on the same thread in case you want to follow up with more questions.