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Adding CC/BCC Feature in Email Delivery


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Sometime the Alert emails or any other informational email should be going to multiple recipient, We can achieve it through recipients which will send individual emails or we can send it to DLs, but there are needs from few projects I came across to have the cc/bcc in place. It would be very nice to have this feature in Campaign classic.



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I'm not sure to understand the status "delivered" as BCC is not supported in itself but in the specific case of email archiving feature as described here: Email archiving | Adobe Campaign

There is a high limitation as you can just setup one BCC address for the whole platform: you cannot specify a different BCC per sending or even per delivery.


@Sourav_Sadhu could you described your need in a different way?

As I understand your scenario, you would like to be able to use a specific CC or BCC address for some workflows alert activities?

if this is the case I don't see why operator group or a mailing list address could not be the solution.


having a "real" CC/BCC feature is not something easy to implement because it directly deals with how broadlogs are handled in the application:

One broadlog can be summarized as "a single attempt to communicate with a single recipient"

if you changed it to "a single attempt to communicate with one or more recipients" then we have an issue: just imagine the case that you target one recipient but you have 5 recipients in CC/BCC

how would you categorize the case where you have an error delivering the email to one of the CC/BCC recipients but no issue with the main one?


Due to this particular case, it's not recommended to use ML address: if one of the address throw an error, the whole broadlog will be considered as failed