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Newbie Here - How does Audience Manager create segments from multiple data sources?


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I've been watching Experience League tutorials but I feel like I'm missing this bit. Apologies as I know it's fairly basic!


1. How does Audience Manager know that a signal from a CRM data set and a signal from Analytics belong to the same user?


2. Follow up would be, at what stage of implementation is this made possible?


Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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1. It knows because when you ID sync the user ID with the ID service it also includes the adobe marketing cloud id which is the same ID being used in Adobe Analytics. 


2. You need to implement the ID service fire an ID sync with the CRM id you want to use, the integration code for the data source(s) you upload data to in AAM, and the authentication state of the user when you are doing the ID sync(typically when they authenticate).


Hope this helps!