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baaam token error 401 - user did not have valid org / does not have one of the following product context service codes active dma_audience manager, dma_audiencemanager_int


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has anyone had this error before when trying to validate the access token in BAAAM? OR knows how to resolve it....

I definitely have access to the relevant Adobe Org and I have admin access in AAM.

thanks anyone that can help!




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Hey Rich,


If you refresh your token utilizing the workaround provided in the other forum post, are you still encountering this 401 Token error?


Curtis Oliver  |  Technical Support Engineer


Level 3

when i retreive the token from this new url (which I do from my personal computer to get around the microsoft defender on my work laptop), i get a different error message when i try to validate the token



i get the exact same when using either of these baaaam files 

BAAAM_V2_20200502 (one I normally use)

BAAAM_V2_20210609 (latest one i just downloaded to make sure it wasnt something wrong with the file itself)