AAM API optimization



Hi Adobe,


We had an requirement to extract details of all segments including destinations names if the segments are mapped to any destination.

We observed that using “includeInUseStatus=true” parameter in  https://api.demdex.com/v1/segments/?includeInUseStatus=true returns an extra object to the JSON “inUse” with a Boolean value.


Now to fetch the mapped destination id’s we got to loop through all segments (sid’s) which increases the load to the server also time consuming.  Please find the example request below.

https://api.demdex.com/v1/segments/xxxxxxx?includeInUseStatus=true : Here the same parameter being passed to the request URL along with segment ID returns associated destination ID’s.


It would be great if “mappedEntities” object is included in the JSON response without segment ID being passed in the request URL (First URL) to avoid multiple cURL request to the server.