Will I still have authority to access my data in Adobe analytics account after the contract expired?



The company I work for has been using Adobe analytics, but the contract between the company and Adobe will be expired soon (14th Oct). And my company will not extend the contract due to internal budget issue.

My question is, can I access the data in Adobe analytics after 14th Oct?

If I could, for how long will I have authority to access my data?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




You'll want to download your historical data out of the tool. You might be able to access the tool a little while longer, but it really depends. If you've lost access to the tool already, you could probably figure something out with your account manager.

I'd recommend getting historical data via Analytics Data Feeds​, sending it to an FTP site within your organization. From there, you can import that data into a database for querying. 

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