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Why I do not get accurate YoY Percentage every time in Adobe?


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I am using Adobe and I found that many times there is an issue with YoY Percentage change in workspace. Sometimes it gives correct value sometimes not. 

For ex. check SS below: 


For All Visits Percentage change should be -11% instead of -20%

For Unpaid Traffic hit Percentage Change should be -2% instead of -11%

I have checked percentage metrics definition, which is also correct.


Can someone please help me to resolve this issue?


Other thing is related to date selection. 

For eg: On 28th June I want to check MTD data, then it should take data upto 27th but it's taking data till 22nd June only.





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Hello Dipika,


To calculate %Change right click on the UV and then select "Compare time periods" and then custom date range as shown below 


and select the desired date range. In your example "Last year MTD"


%Change will be populated.

Imporant Point: here to note if you change the date range filtered "Last year MTD" to some differnet  date rage the %Change will not automatically change. It will remain same as the "Target date range" and "Compare date range" are static segments. 



you will have to create %change again.


2. For other point MTD you can use the preset date range "This Month(excluding today)


Let me know if this helps.





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I agree, it looks like the column date ranges were changed after Adobe created the calculation... so the dates there would reflect the original definitions.


You can, however, open up the Percent Change calculated metric, then open the Target and Compare Date ranges and change the definitions to properly roll with proper MTD ranges.


@DipikaSomvanshi  "Last Year MTD" is not a standard date range in Adobe, someone in your organization created that as a preset... if it is not coming back with the correct set of data, then you or that person will have to fix it.


Here is how I would create a "Last Year MTD" range:


If I want to include today:



If I don't want to include today:



The only difference being whether I use "End of" or "Start of" in my End definition.