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Which item viewed was added to cart? 1st? 5th?


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Is it possible to make a dimension for order of items viewed during a visit? For example, I want to drill down by Item View Order to see if the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. item viewed has a better cart add rate.

From below, this example would show that cart adds are more likely to happen on the 5th item viewed than the 1st. 


Order viewedProduct viewsCart AdditionsRate


Mainly I want to know how many visits added the first item they viewed to cart?


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Technically almost everything is possible (depending on how many resources you have at your disposal )


That said, here is what I think of first.


I would set up a Numeric eVar, while eVars technically store string values, a numeric eVar allows you to create essentially a incremental value as a dimension. (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/admin/admin-tools/manage-report-suites/edit-report...)

Where you can pass +1 and have the value increment within the scope of the eVar (in this case Visit).


So on each item viewed, you would want to increment the eVar....


Your Cart Addition would happen after the view (and not touch the eVar at all)


Then you should be able to correlate the "Items Viewed" (counter eVar) to Cart Additions, since the eVar is set to Visit level expiry, so the last value set should be seen by the Cart Addition.


You will have to test this, as this is off the top of my head...



The other option would be to use something like a Session Storage Variable to track products viewed and add that information to the Cart Addition action, but I think you should be able to do this without setting a session storage item.


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This is great long term, since it involves more integration. However, I am trying to get an analysis done by Friday.


If you can think of a way to fiddle with segments/metrics in workspace, let me know.




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Ahhh this is a "I need to pull a report from what we have thing"... sorry, I totally read this as "how would I track this". 


Do you have any custom events on Product page views? Something that you may be able to create a segment like:


  • eventX equals 1 THEN Cart Addition... 
  • eventX equals 2 THEN Cart Addition....




Let me think if there is anything else that comes to mind...