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Where can I find the Attribution modell in adobe analytics


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I wonder where I can see in Adobe Analytics (Admin Rights) which attribution modell is in use?
Or did I understand another user correctly who said that the attribution is based on how I create the metrics.
But isnt there also some kind of overall setting which says e.g. "attribution modell is last-touch"?


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There is many different types of attributions (and attribution settings) in Adobe.


First, let's start off with Marketing Channel attribution...


This is similar to Google Analytics Source/Medium Attribute, the settings for this can all be found in Admin > Report Suites > (Select Suite) > Edit Settings > Marketing Channel > (multiple menu items here)


Most Important Items:

  • Marketing Channel Manager - Allows you to define your channels and channel specific overrides
  • Marketing Channel Processing Rules - Allows you to create the funnel down rules for your channels
  • Marketing Channel Expiration - Allows you to set the expiry


OR, you might be talking about the Attribution on your Specific eVars... in which case you need to go to Admin > Report Suites > (Select Suite) > Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Variables


Each variable has its own expiry and allocation... 


But don't forget, with the ability to do custom attribution in Workspace, it's recommended to try and keep your expiry more limited... it apparently works better if you use a shorter custom attribution...