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At the start of my career I worked for web analytics provider (Coremetrics). During the implementation phase we would ensure that customers had greater than 95% of orders tracked in analytics before sign off. At my prior company I used to see around 98.5% of orders tracked when we had a native implementation. After we moved to a tag container and Adobe this dropped to around 92.5%.

In my current role at a our business is tracking around 88% of orders. Having spoken to a colleague in another country, they assume that's it fair to loose 10%, which seemed very high to me. I am fully aware that there are hundreds of things that effect this and the accuracy / precision debates however I am interested in hearing what numbers other Adobe users are seeing. Is 88% actually an OK number in a post GDPR world or should I be as worried as I am?


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With the increasing popularity of privacy blockers like Ghostery, 88% seems like a pretty solid number. Since Analytics is mainly used for determining trend lines and making decisions on those trends, I wouldn't lose too much sleep over that discrepancy.

However, it could never hurt to run an audit on your implementation just to make sure you've got everything covered. Partners such as ObservePoint have specific tools to help you audit your site and make sure there aren't any Analytics holes.

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