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What does "Breakthrough Fallout/Fallthrough" exactly mean?


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Good day experts,

May I have your help to let me know the following questions on "Fallout" in workspace:

Following checkpoints are created in "Fallout" report:


As far as I can understand, I select "Fallthrough" from "Search Result Page", which means, the breakthrough table built, would give me the page name IMMEDIATELY hit after Search Page.

I also set the "NEXT HIT" as the criteria.

What I expected, is a table list items all are "FAQ Documents (Start with HT)", because I've set "FAQ Document" is the next checkpoint after Search Page in the NEXT HIT.

But, the result of the Breakthrough Table is:


So here, I am asking:

1. Why the total UV is 3,065 which does not match the result 3,504 in the 1st screencut?

2. Why there are many result listed and they are not FAQ page (not start with HT), the only one is the 7th item

3. If it changes to "FALLOUT" breakthrough, where I can find the "Exit" counts? - I see it in Adhoc

Does it mean:

The report shows: If a Unique Visitor, during any of his/her visit, s/he one time made a hit from Search Page to FAQ page, then the hit after "Search Page" will be listed in all of his/her visits?

E.g. Visitor A

Visit 1: Home > Support > Search > Exit

Visit 2: Home > Support > Search > Product > HT000001

Visit 3: Support > Search > HT000002

Visit 4: Support > Search > Home > Product

Then, in the Fallthrough Report Table, under Search Page > "Next Hit" > FAQ Pages, the following pages will be listed:

Product: 1

HT000002: 1

Home: 1

Is above correct?

Please help to clarify.

IF it is correct, may I know How to get the "Next Page" from "Search Page" directly?

Which means:

How to get the "Next Page" from "Search Page" if the next page is FAQ?

How to get the "Next Page" from "Search Page" if the next page is NOT FAQ? - This is to understand what if user did not click a FAQ page in search result, what user clicked or where user went?

Thank you for your always help.


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Excuse me, may I push this question again, still a question to me.

Hopefully you may help to clarify.

Thank you.


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Hi Kelsey,


sorry to the late reply, thanks for that and I've read the content, unfortunately it didn't answer my questions yet.

Have a safe day.