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WEBSDK: Add xdm.web.webInteraction.name to automatic web.webInteraction.linkClicks


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Hello everyone,


We are currently using "Click data collection" to track links automatically. However, we would like to add the page name and a custom dimension, which are available as data elements, to the network call. I have attempted to add them using this code in "On before link click send callback," but haven't succeeded.


Can someone help me out here? Am I in the right place for this? 


Thank you.







if (content.clickedElement /* add any other conditions you need */) {
        content.xdm.web.webInteraction.name = _satellite.getVar('pageName');  
        content.xdm.CustomDimensions.Evars.eVar1 = _satellite.getVar('pageName'); 




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Unfortunatly this is not possible, look here:



in any case, it should be


but it's not available


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Hello @mikipk is this still an issue for you?


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@mikipk @mauriziocoroadobe I have posted a solution to this on another post, hopefully you find it useful, you can find this within the comments section


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