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Web Vitals


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Hello everyone,

I have a query regarding the use of the Web Vitals extension. Have any of you had experience with it? If so, could you kindly share insights on its implementation while minimizing the impact on our website's bounce rate?

Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,




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Hello @sayyam_6772 

Yes, Had used this extension called Web Vitals which is easy to install and configure. 

To make this extension works, Add the right event in your rule to track the Web vitals metrics and add the data element in your rule to retrieve data about Web Vital metrics like name, ID, etc..  


Particular on your query to reduce bounce rate, there are other metrics like LCP / CLS / need to meet with their threshold.  Once you achieve it that will helps to reduce bounce rate. 


Now how to improve LCP / CLS / FID?  This like might help you https://web.dev/optimize-lcp/ whish shows step by step action and areas to improve on your web application. 


You can find more information on extension page https://exchange.adobe.com/apps/ec/106769/web-vitals 

Tagging @yuhuisg who is our community member and developer of this extension. 


Please feel free to comment in case further issues. 






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Thanks, @Gokul_Agiwal , for tagging me.

@sayyam_6772 and I had been messaging privately about this issue for a while. I understand and appreciate his concerns about how measuring Web Vitals with Custom Links would affect his bounce rate. One suggestion that I had provided was to store the measurements, then track all of them at one shot when the user goes to a next page, a method that is similar to how AA's getPercentPageViewed plugin works.

@Jennifer_Dungan also makes a good suggestion about creating a calculated metric with Single Page Visits.


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Yes, storing the values and sending on the next page is another good suggestion.. this does make using the info a little more complicated... and also the "last page" of the visit will likely be missing data (even if you send the data on your exit links, that won't cover closing the tab/browser, etc; only on actual clicks to links outside your internal domain definitions).


However, this solution should still be enough to get a good overall feel for your Web Vitals, and not be limited to what Google Search Console samples in its data... 


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Since Adobe's standard "Bounce Rate" metric is based on Single Hit per Entry, this will obviously impact your Bounce Rate....


However, we made a conscious decision years ago to make our own custom Bounce Rate metric based on Single Page Visits per Entry




We did this because we have a lot of tracked, dismiss-able overlays and resources and of course, that also impacted the default Bounce Rate.



I should point out though, that before you consider collecting Web Vitals data in Adobe, check that your contract (ie. your server call limits) can actually support this increase in tracking calls.... 


We opted to track this in our free GA4 account, since our server call margins are too slimmed down...