Visitor segment to report orders after a prior visit

robertb36812398 04-10-2019


I am reporting on orders generated via a blog. I can easily report on orders during a single visit, but I want to also report on orders placed up-to 12 weeks after the blog attracted a visitor.

I've created the below segment for use in an Analytics Workspace:

Segment Type: Visitor

Entry Page is a blog page,

Then within 12 weeks,

Visit Container [Orders is >= 1]

I've not much experience working with Visitor segments, so wanted to sense check what I've done with more experienced users and/or check if there's a more efficient way to do do this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Robert,

There is a pitfall with such a segment. When you add a Visit container after the Entry page, you set the criteria the way that the Order event should happen in a subsequent Visit. In other words, you exclude those who could place an order in the Visit of landing to the blog pages.

I would just add "Orders >= 1" without a container to get those who placed an order after landing to the blog.

Does it make sense?

P.S.: make sure that the data range applied to the panel includes more than 12 weeks.