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Generally, we used to get visitor ID report from Adobe Data warehouse for the email campaign. However, recently we have noticed some different scenarios on the reports. Looks like, we have an ID's for the health care professionals and they used to login from their ID’s. In the report, we have seen two visitor ID’s for the single ID login. so, we are just wondering how come this happened? We understand that cookie’s will be used to identify the visitor ID. What are the possible ways that the cookie with get expire and another visitor ID will get generated due to this cookie expiration on the same login?

It would be good if we get any expected clarification to convey to one of our client.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Are we talking about the s_vi cookie here or the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID services cookie AMCV_ ?

I will consider your are using AMCV_ cookies for now, if it is not then I can cover some scenarios for s_vi later one.

When a user visits your website for the first time, the MCVID services will server a first party cookie AMCV_ and a demdex cookie as third party cookie. So here are some discrepancies that you can expect with MCVID when user using same browser and device (see post above for other scenarios that will automatically generate a new MCVID):

  • Safari does not accept third party cookies, so if user move from domainA to domainB, then domainB will have a different AMCV_ cookie value. This is due to the fact that MCVID only serves made MID in the AMCV_ cookie only if same Marketing Cloud Org ID is sued (xxxxx@AdobeOrg) and demdex cookie is present with same value. As demdex value is not present it will serve a different MID
  • MCVID timeout when moving from domainA to domainB: in some versions of the MCVID the timeout is set to 500ms. Check the version that you are using: 2016 Release Notes 
    • Version 1.6.0: Changed the default loadTimeout interval to 30,000 milliseconds (from 500 milliseconds).
  • You are not using the correct version of AppMeasurement.js libraries with VisitorAPI.js. Some versions of the VisitorAPI.js require minimum version of other libraries. Make sure they are up to date
  • So versions of the VisitorAPI.js libraries have bugs and you should update to most recent one
    • i.e: Version 3.1.0: Unrealistic spike in the unique visitor count:
      • With the release of Experience Cloud ID Service 3.1.0, we found an issue that created an unrealistic spike in the unique visitor count when this version was implemented. This behavior is exhibited only with the latest version of ECID, v3.1.0, and if a user has selected the "Allow from current website only" option in the privacy settings of a Safari browser.

      • We recommend you upgrade to version 3.1.2 at the earliest convenient time. The latest bundle is available within Adobe Launch, DTM, and AppMeasurement.

  • Different MCORGID between domainA and domainB