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Visit Conversion rate, not based on multiple success events


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I need help creating a calculated metric.

I am trying to calculate our conversion rate based on Visit with Orders (any number of orders) vs Visits.

Example: Dave comes to the site and checks out 3 different times. That would be a 300% conversion rate. How do I create a conversion rate that normalizes it to 100%? 1 visit and Order Exists = 100% conversion rate.

Example 2: Dave comes to the site 2 times. The first time he came he did not Order. The second time he came he Ordered 3 times. The rolled up visit conversion rate would be 200% but I want the "normalized" conversion rate to reflect 50%. (1 visit without a conversion and 1 visit where conversions exist)


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It sounds like Segmented Calculated Metrics will solve for this!  Here's the documentation that will help with the process and flow... https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/components/calculated-metrics/calcmetric-workflow/...


I would create this in two parts:


  • First, create a Segmented Calculated Metric using the "Visits" metric and a hit-scoped segment with Orders Exists as the inclusion criteria.  Name this Segmented Calculated Metric "Visits with Orders" or "Unique Orders" or something along those lines: it will deduplicate multiple orders per visit to one.


  • Then, create another Calculated Metric for "Unique Conversion Rate" or "Visit Conversion Rate," which is the the metric you created in step #1 divided by "Visits" - and that should achieve what you are looking for!


I would strongly recommend adding a good definition to this metric in particular, since it has the potential to be confusing to most analysts (I generally see users translate "Visit Conversion Rate" as "Orders"/"Visits", and not "Visits w Orders"/"Visits")