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View users from a specific datarange - how?


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Hello, I would like to see how users who came to the site through marketing campaigns in November have developed. How many of those came back in December and January? In Google Analytics this is very easy. How does this work in Adobe Analytics?




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You can use Cohort in Workspace for this.



For your scenario this is what you may need:

1)Inclusion Criteria : Visits >=1  and select a segment where you have specified that "external campaign exists"
2)Return Criteria : Visits>=1
3)Select the duration you want. Make sure to select the entire range - meaning if you want to see how traffic in Month 1 behaved until Month 6, then select the entire range from Month 1 to Month 6
4)Set the granularity to Month
5)Select Retention versus Churn (the option helps you see the right metric - if 4 out of 10 return then selecting Retention will show 40% versus 60% if you select Churn)
6)Build and you are set

If you want to play further with this, you may select "Rolling Calculation".
It enforces the rule that the visit from a particular user has happened across all the months - simply meaning a visit from a user will be counted in Month 4 only if it had visits in Month 1,2 and 3. You may keep this unchecked unless you want to make sure that the user is visiting respective previous months.
Then there is an option of ADVANCE, which I do not think we need to get into the details with the scenario at hand