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I'm looking to get click-through rate from page A->pageB using the condition that the user should have clicked on the banner/hero carousel present on page A.

Simply put: Homepage-> click on banner->campaign page

Can anyone help if the methodology is correct & we'll get the right click-through rate% when using 'sequential segment?


Upon running the report, I'm using our 'internal click event' and 'visits' to calculate the click-through rate.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




I agree with Gigazelle​ and H_L

I would change the "then" condition to "then within 1 hit" to be sure it is really a path you are looking for.

remark: use fallout

instead of manually creating the segment you could follow those steps:

  1. In workspace create a new Fallout
  2. Add the touchpoints as in your segment
  3. Change the "path" between the touchpoint to "next hit"
  4. Change Fallout setting to "start on first touchpoint" and "visit based" (gear icon top right)
  5. on last touchpoint hit "create segment from touchpoint"

working with fallouts have several advantages compared to creating a segment directly:

  • you see the numbers at each step in the fallout
  • you can add more segments to compare (drop them at the top of the fallout next to "all visitors")
  • you can do fallout/fallthrough analysis directly at each touchpoint

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Answers (2)




Yeah, that appears pretty sound. It looks to be pretty specific in that to get to page B they have to click on a carousel link to get there.

Are you seeing any issues with the segment?