Using evars and props to capture internal search terms



I am using prop and evar to capture internal search terms. But when I am testing it out in the dev environment.. 

i) Page views (76 page views) in prop report is way too less than evar (12,519) report. Why is this happening? 

ii) The total of Visits (1039), Pageviews (74) and Unique visitors (377) is far greater than the sum of all populated records in the prop report i.e when I sum visits the total is 58, Pageviews is 74 and Unique visitors is 47.  

But  when I check the evar report for the totals.. there is a 'None' row which has all 99 percent of values which is not listed in the prop report? 

Can anyone please help to understand this? 

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Hey Magus.


The evars and prop behave differently. When you send a value in a prop and an evar on a page both increase in page views count by one. However on the next page, the evar values may persist, thus increasing the page views further for it and the prop value's page view will still be one. 

Apart from this if you are using any metric which gives site wide totals in the report (ex: visits) then it will also show how many hits or pageviews, visits, etc did not have the value. Hence you are seeing the high percentage against the None in evar report. 

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Hi Bharat,

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Could you check the attribution settings of the Evar? Normally the values go to 'None' when they are not attributed to any other value.