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Uploading Data Sources file


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Hi all,


I'm trying to upload hourly data under custom evars and events into Data Sources of Adobe Analytics, but having little luck. This is the formatting of the upload file: MM/DD/YYYY/HH/mm with a screenshot below. Are we running into issues because we're not including seconds with in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY/HH/mm/SS)?


In the upload, we're attaching the data file along with a .fin and each has successfully processed in both or development and production environments.


(x'd out the values for confidentiality)


Any guidance is appreciated!



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Im having same issue - I am uploading a text file that is already tab delimited and error is "Column header "" is not a valid column header"


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Are you seeing any issues in Data Sources processing? If that's the case, what is the name of the Data Sources and report suite ID?