Updating classification in Adobe Workspace





I have an excel file that is sent by FTP every midnight that contains the classification details for a certain variable. 

It has the following format : Key | Title


If the value of the variable matches what is in "Key", then "Title" takes the assigned value in the excel. For example : 


Key | Title

123 | Test


In my reports in Workspace, If I choose to display the values of the variable "Title", and then I place "Key" under the value "Test", I will find the value "123" for "Key".


My question concerns modifying the excel. For example :


Key | Title

123 | NewValue


Do the reports replace all occurences of "Test" with "NewValue", or will I have 2 values for "Title" : "Test" and "NewValue", that both are linked to "Key=123" ?


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Updating a new value to a specific key will overwrite the existing relationship.  All instances of 123 would relate to new value once the sync occurs.