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Trend all touchpoints (%) not aligning to the fallout percents


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I'm working with a fallout report. It's 4 steps, I'll give some made-up numbers for sake of example that are in the actual fallout report (again for sake of example, setting to yesterday's complete data and setting it defined to visits):
step1 - 100 visits (100%)

step2 - 90 visits (90%)

step3 - 50 visits (50%)

step 4 - 25 visits (25%)


when trending all touch points, I am getting different results in the percentages that do not make sense to me, using the example above I'd get something like this in my freeform trended table:

step2 75%, step3 45% and step4 20%. It's not making sense to me. At the same time, I can trend the volumes (not %) and it will match up with the fallout visit numbers for each step. The Trend all touchpoints (%) doesn't seem to match the touchpoint success number nor does it match up with the total success %, yet volumes nearly, if not perfectly, match. Anyone have any ideas? Am I maybe forgetting something, using it incorrectly/mismatched expectations, or is this BAU and those will never match? 


Appreciate any guidance or feedback. Thanks! 

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Without seeing your actual implementation, my assumption is that your Freeform table isn't taking the sequence into account in your columns.


In a fallout, Step A must happen before Step B... Step A and Step B must happen (in that order) before Step C.. and so on...


But generally, when people make a table to represent their steps, they just look at A, B, C, etc in isolation. They forget to build in the sequential logic, hence why the numbers don't match up.


Now, if you have done this, it's possible that your % between steps calculation isn't quite the same? 


Sorry, it's hard without seeing your visualizations, segments and calculated metrics. 


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Hey Jennifer, thanks for replying. 


I have a fallout report (let's call his fallout #1) it has 4 steps. On the final step I right click and select "Trend all touchpoints(%)" it creates a visualization, I then click the button on that visual to show me the data source. That table will show percentages at the top of a freeform. I've done this with success in the past, and have a even more intricate fallout report (fallout #2) that I did in the same workspace, and followed the same steps and the fallout report and freeform are telling an almost identical percentage. The fallout #1 report is giving me fits because the freeform will tell me 79% for the fallout between step 1 and step 2 but in the actual fallout #1 report it says 94%. Whereas if I look at fallout #2 it will tell me 60.7% in steps 1 and 2 and the corresponding freeform is saying 60.75%. I've tried looking at individual days vs 30 days vs 90 days and its all the same result. It's just the percentages, if I get the volumes the fallout #1 and freeform output match. I was able to get a workaround to cooperate with me where I used the trended steps (into volumes) and forced the calculated metrics myself. Just seemed odd this fallout (fallout #1) would fight me so much. I don't know if you've ever come across something like that before? Again, one fallout report with trended steps met my expectations after trending all % steps while the other did not.