Tracking Personalised Content Delivery and Conversion - Best Practice




I wondered if anyone has any best practice examples of how to track the delivery / success of personalised content using Adobe Analytics (assuming the personalisation tool used is not Adobe Target). 

The plan is that multiple different elements on any given page on our site may be personalised - this may be a change in certain text copy, or showing specific products based on user behaviour.

I want to be able to monitor the success of each personalised element. i.e. How many "Impressions" or page views each personalised element has received, and the number of clicks throughs / conversions it has generated. That way they we can compare conversion rates to decide which pieces of personalisation are working best / which messaging the most successful.

I'm struggling to think of a way that can collect this data in a meaningful way, that doesn't fill the report suite up with 1000s of bits of data that don't mean much to anyone.

Has anyone attempted this sort of tracking before, or have any ideas as to how best to collect this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Depending on how many elements you could track these in a list var or prop. E.g. lvar1 = banner1|button2|picture3 and set with an impression event.  You could then use SAINT to classify these into meaningful names.  A prop might actually better as then you can run a straight pageview report against it.

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