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Tracking Changes in Profile Attributes


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The KPI we are trying to track in CJA is as follows:


The subset of users who’s profile attribute registered changed from false to true, as a consequence of an email being sent out from a journey.


The data we have available for this KPI is as follows:

  • Feedback Status: Status of the email send event; will be of type string from AJO Message Feedback Table, and the values can be: sent, bounce, etc
  • Registered: whether or not a user has registered; will be of type Boolean from an AJO Custom Profile Schema, and the values can be: false, true

We have tried sequential filters to filter out these users. The filter was oriented as follows:


Registered = true


Feedback Status = sent


Registered = false


But because registered is a profile attribute, anytime the attribute is update, no recollection of its previous value is kept, and thus the users who follow this pattern are not being picked up.


Any Ideas on how to orient this KPI?

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