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Track Adobe Analytics Campaigns and Google Analytics campaigns at the same time, possible?


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Hello! I am new in Adobe Analytics.

I understad how to track campaigns in Adobe (using the Javascript Plugin and also the UTM Smart Manager). But when i make this change,how can i track my campaigns in Google Analytics? 


Because the parameter will be something like this: cid:facebook:cpc:campaign1:term1 , without the utm parameters of Google. So how Google Analytics can track now? 

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Hi @DanielRoblesChian ,

You can use UTM tags for Campaign tracking in Adobe Analytics as well through s.campaign variable. Once you have your Tracking code value (eg: cid:facebook:cpc:campaign1:term1) captured in AA then you can use Classifications (document) to make it more readable.
For detailed information on this approach you can check this blog: https://analyticsdemystified.com/adobe-analytics/using-utm-campaign-parameters-adobe-analytics/
Hope that helps!