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What does SEO Results Page  and Level 1 Page and Level 2 Page section mean?

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Hi @ARINCON - these values are getting set in your reports based on your implementation. You may want to work with your implementation team to better understand how they are getting set. You could consider breaking these values down by URL to see what URLs are aligned with them. That assumes that you are capturing URL in a variable though, of course.


Level 2

@ARINCON  As Eric explained that these are set up by the implementation team and if you are seeking explanation over the same then you need to check with them on how they are getting set. But if you query is around like what exactly are the Site Section L1 and Site Section L2 than they are basically used in setting up a pagename. A particular page on your website might have different levels so those variables are used to explain the same.

eg- If current page is Information Review page which is under profile page and which further is a part of a particular portal than your Site Section L1 can be that portal name and Site Section L2 can be Profile and the main page content name can be the Information Review page.

For more info you can check on below document :-