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Send offline data to Adobe Analytics as a success event or contextData?


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We will be leveraging the bulk data insertion API to send offline data to Adobe Analytics. We are considering two approaches:

  1. Send as success events
  2. Send as contextData

Does anybody have advice on how to make the best decision? Has anybody done anything similar and might be willing to share their approach?



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If you're using Bulk Data Insertion API, then you can specify the success events directly in your CSV.


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Our integration is not 1 to 1, we're building an integration from our platform to multiple different customers adobe analytics accounts, so I'm actually wondering if it's a con for us to specify the events in the CSV because each of our customers will likely have a different setup. But am I understanding correctly that if we send them as 'contextData' then the customers will then have the flexibility to leverage that data however they want (whether it be success events, eVars, etc)?