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Segment for PDF Downloads


Level 3
  • A Page has 20 downloads we want to create  a segment to show only the pages which has the word map on it
  • We created a segment to the PDF Downloads with the condition PDF Downloads contain maps 
  • But it is not filtering and showing all downloads
  • We were able to filter it with the table dimension
  • But we need to have filter at panel level so we would provide additional details like daily downloads, weekly downloads etc

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Community Advisor

Is this an idea, or a question?


If it's an idea, it should be logged here: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-analytics-ideas/idb-p/adobe-analytics-ideas (there is a format of description,  why it's important, how you would like it to work, and current behaviour)


If you are trying to get help creating a segment, then posting what you have tried (or at least a similar segment if you need to hide specific content) so that we can see what you have tried and offer you ways to potentially fix it.


Level 4

Hi @cparthasarathy 


Adobe Analytics primarily focuses on segmenting visitors, not specific pages, so you might need to consider an alternative approach to achieve your goals.
You can use Adobe Analytics classifications to classify your pages with the word "map" in them.


1. Create a Classification Rule:
         a) In the "Classification Importer" section, create a classification rule to identify pages containing the word "map."


2. Apply the Classification to Page Names:
        a) In your classification rule, you can apply the classification to the "Page Name" dimension.
       b) Use a regular expression or pattern matching to identify pages with the word "map."


3. Create a Segment:
       a) Once your pages are classified, you can create a segment based on your classification. In the segment, use the "Page Name" dimension, and set the condition to include pages with the "map" classification.


Now, for tracking the daily and weekly downloads, you'll need to consider a different approach:


1. Custom Event Tracking:
          a) To track daily and weekly downloads, implement custom event tracking in your Adobe Analytics implementation. For each download, send an event with a specific variable or value that indicates the download date.


2. Create Segments for Daily and Weekly Downloads:
        a) Create two segments, one for daily downloads and one for weekly downloads. Set the segment conditions to include events that match the specific dates you want to track. Apply Segments at the Panel Level