satellite.track complications in server side rendered react component?



We just launched a new site using a server side rendered react framework. In trying to send some _satellite.track objects (according what I have read to be best practices for a SPA), "_satellite" is undefined.


The developers then tried to use window._satelitte but from there they had an error where if a string wasnt passed to the tracker it threw another error so then it became stringified as a JSON object.


Does anyone know of issues with sending "_satellite.track" in React? Or are there other methods I am missing? 



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As mentioned below a Direct call rule should do the trick.


Then depending on desired action first make rule "newPageload" in this case each firing a pageview.


Then make sure your SPA for each new state change(virtual page load) fires the rule:




as long as app fires it when desired(up to you and devs) then teh action will fire your code.


2 things to watch out for:


Make sure satellite track and all elements are page ready before page bottom.

On some SPAs the initial load may double fire so you may need to suppress it.





I am not sure of direct call rule working with react code or not but you can create customEvent() in react code and then using Launch core extension, create a event customEvent which will identify the custom event value and fire the launch rule on user action. 


Example Sample code for javascript is :

var viewEndCustomEvent = function viewEndCustomEvent() {
	  var event = new CustomEvent('event-view-end');
	  var obj = document.querySelector("#spa");
obj.dispatchEvent(event); };