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Rule fired, eVar has value but not showing in Omnibug

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Level 1

Hi there,


I set up a rule for page link click, when rule fired, pass the element innertext to eVar33. 

I also added console.log(s.eVar33, "eVar33") to print out to make sure it has value.

However during debugging, I found that rule was fired and console log shows value for eVar33, but in Omnibug there is no eVar33.

In the rule I set to send beacon to Analytics, but somehow it did not send, but in this rule I have other eVars and they are populating corrent values in Omnibug. Only missing eVar33, how strange!

Has anybody ever encountered same issue? anyone know how to fix this?



1. rule setting value for eVar54 and eVar33.



2. In console, shows rule was fired and console log printed eVar33 has value.



3. however in Omnibug (also in report), there is no eVar33.






6 Replies
Community Advisor
Community Advisor

@daisyma - Are you resetting s.linkTrackVars somewhere else; either in the same rule/custom code, in another rule, or possibly do_plugins?

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Level 1

Hi @evolytics_brian thanks for the reply. 

I am not sure if I am resetting s.linkTrackVars somewhere else...i mean in the same rule I only have in the beginning of the code to set s.linkTrackVars, and in other rules definitely we set s.linkTrackVars for every rule right?

do_plugins I am not sure how to check this, will you please be so kind to instruct the steps so i can check?


Another issue i find today is that, although i clear variables every time before set variable and send beacon, still eVars from previous behavior will be sent to analysis in current track (though the previous eVar is not set in the linkTrackVar of current behavior's rule, this eVar still shows in omnibug with values populated from previous step)..really confusing

Community Advisor
Community Advisor

Without getting into Launch or viewing the behavior first hand, it's tough to say exactly what the issue is. My assumption is that you have more than one rule executing, and that is redefining your variables; including s.linkTrackVars.

I would start with the following troubleshooting approaches:

  • When you perform the action (click) that triggers the rule in question, inspect the logging in your console. Look for the possibility that more rules are firing than you expect. (Make sure Launch debugging is enabled in your browser... _satellite.setDebug(true); )
  • In Launch, look at any rules that are firing when the action (click) occurs. Check to see if you are redefining s.linkTrackVars, thereby removing eVar33 (or any other expected, but missing variable). 
  • If you're comfortable with your browser's debugging tools, find an appropriate place to add a break point in your code so you can manually step through the execution and, hopefully, identify where your issue is coming from.

The do_plugins logic typically lives in the custom code section of the Adobe Analytics extension. It is not there by default, so you or another developer would have had to add it at some point. I'm assuming that you're unlikely to find the source of your issue there, but it's probably worth the 30 seconds it would take to check.

Community Advisor
Community Advisor

I agree with @evolytics_brian that it sounds like a linkTrackVars issue.


If you haven't already it may be worth adding a console log just before you send the analytics beacon to see what the linkTrackVars value is at this point.

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Level 1

Hi @AndrewWathen , @evolytics_brian thanks for the reply.

The behavior only triggered this one rule..

I had a breakpoint in the rule, and I found that before send beacon action, the eVars are set right values, but when send beacon was triggerred, eVar values changed! Please refer to below screenshots.


1/ When clear variables function fired, all eVars are cleared, which is correct.



2/ When linkTrackVars executed, correct values were set to eVars.



3/ But! when send beacon was executed, some eVar values changed, see eVar33 change to 'null'..I think which is why I cannot see this eVar in Omnibug.



4/ as a result, omnibug shows the latter eVar value.



Can't understand how this could happen, the behavior triggerred this rule, which is click on the link, will lead to a new page, is that maybe the reason? but still it doesn't make sense..



Community Advisor
Community Advisor

@daisyma - It's hard to tell what's going on without a deeper understanding of your implementation. If you'd like, feel free to DM me a link and any instructions on how to reproduce the issue, and I'd be happy to take a closer look. (Hopefully the experience is accessible outside of your company's firewall.)