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Reporting API / Dimensions / daterangemonth


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Hello! There is a question related to `Reporting API`. We send a request containing a dimension `variables/daterangemonth`. According to this documentation ( https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis/blob/master/reporting-guide.md#example-response ) we expect to get a response in the format "Month Year" (e.g. "Sep 2022"). But in some cases the response incorporates an additional information e.g. "Sep 2022 (Aug 28-Oct 1)".

Could you please explain why this is happening?
For example,
curl -X POST --data '{"rsid":"rsid",
"metricContainer":"metrics":{"columnId":"0","id":"metrics/visitors","filters":[],"sort":"desc"}, {"columnId":"1","id":"metrics/visits","filters":[],"sort":"desc"}, {"columnId":"2","id":"metrics/orders","filters":[],"sort":"desc"},{"columnId":"3","id":"metrics/revenue","filters":[],"sort":"desc"}]},
"dimension": "variables/daterangemonth",
"settings": {"limit":1000,"page":0}}' 
"totalPages": 1,
"firstPage": true,
"lastPage": true,
"numberOfElements": 1,
"number": 0,
"totalElements": 1,
"columns": {
"dimension":"id": "variables/daterangemonth""type": "time"},
"columnIds": ["0","1","2","3"
"rows": [
"itemId": "<itemId>",
"value": "Sep 2022 (Aug 28-Oct 1)",
"data": [1,1,0,0]
"summaryData": {
"filteredTotals": [1,1,0,0],
"totals": [1,1,0,0]
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Ohh... I don't use the API much.. but it just made me think... are you using a Weekly Granularity in that call?


Aug 28 is the first day of the week, and Oct 1 was the last day of a week...


I bet this is an indication of that... just like in workspace when you select the month of Sept and then do a breakdown by week, you get this:





The first "week" shown runs Aug 28 - Sept 3, and the last "week" runs Sept 25 - Oct 1....


Those two weeks are probably partial data, based on your Sept 1-30 constraint....