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Report randomly shows "unknown" instead of dimensions value.


Level 1

Hello, I sometimes receive "unknown" values in my reports, especially when I have tables with more breakdowns or segments. The actual metric shows a result:


It's hardly to reproduce, sometimes it helps to rebuild the table, or remove some components like breakdowns, metrics or segments. Sometimes closing the tool completely also helps. But I haven’t found a real reason or way to avoid this error. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @dbusse ,

Are these classification dimensions of any variable? If the problem is persistent then you would need to raise a support ticket with Client Care to get this fixed.





Level 1

Hi, yes in this case these are classifications. But I saw this also for variables without classification. I raised already Client Care tickets several times. But since the issue is not persistent it seems to be solved at one point, but then it occurs in another report.


Level 10

I have faced the same issue with the classification based dimensions about 2 months ago. ClientCare confirmed the problem was because of the EU server the AA account was hosted on. The Engineering team had to make a transition to another server to resolve the issue.

I would advise to contact ClientCare and request the same action.



Level 4

I am experiencing the same problem with the eVar value set via processing rules. After changing the processing rules, some previous day values remained "Unknown" even though the rules for this eVar did not change.


Strange behavior, it looks like the change in rules interrupted the processing of already received data. The data for the previous days and the next days are fine.