Reconciling Previous page flow report data with Referrer report data



I noticed the numbers don't match up for “Entered site” path views on the Previous page flow report versus data in the referrer reports (whether it’s the Referring Domains Report, Referrers Report or Referrer Types Report).

What I’m trying to do is show how users got to a specific page (just one level back) both from within my domain and from a specific referrer site (such as Google). However, while the Previous page flow reports the percentage of both those coming from internal pages and those who “Entered site”, these numbers don’t match when you try to break down those who “Entered site” in the Referrer reports.

It’s fine that they don’t match up, I would just like an idea of how I can reconcile the two so that I can show, for example:

20% came from a page within my domain

17% came from Google

12.5% came from a page within my domain

6% direct

Please let me know if I can provide any clarification. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Marketing Channels describes exactly what you're trying to accomplish here. I would recommend creating custom marketing channel processing rules so you have full control over what buckets visitors are put in when they visit your site.

More information on marketing channels can be found here: Getting Started with Marketing Channels

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